• Outdoor Edge Wild-Lite 6-Piece Game Processing Set

Lightweight, 6-piece field-to-freezer game processing set with all the tools to get the job done fast. Comes complete with a full-tang caping knife, gut-hook skinner, boning knife, two-stage fine ceramic/coarse carbide sharpener, game cleaning gloves and hard-side carry case.

420J2 stainless steel blades are hand finished shaving-sharp to ensure superior edge retention and performance. Non-slip rubberized blaze-orange handles never get lost and feature an embossed elk horn design for enhanced grip.

Product Features:

  • 420J2 Stainless Steel Blades
  • Non-slip rubberised TPR handles
  • Double hard-side carry case
  • Total Weight: 1lb 2oz / .52kgs
  • 2.5" / 6.4cm Caping Knife
  • 4.0" / 10.2cm Gut Hook Skinner
  • 5.0" / 12.7cm Boning Knife
  • Pivoting X-Base Fine Ceramic/ Coarse Carbide Sharpener
  • Game Cleaning Gloves
  • Hard-Side Carry Case

Pivoting X-Base Ceramic/Carbide Sharpener

The ideal 2-stage compact  sharpener for outdoor and kitchen knives with pivoting X-Base for safe, stable use.

  • Carbide(Coarse): Removes metal quickly to reshape a dull edge (44 degree edge/22 degrees per side).
  • Ceramic (Fine): For finishing the edge and fine tuning knives after each use.

Tune knives after each use with the fine CERAMIC rather than using over time until the edge becomes dull. A reasonably sharp knife requires only 8 to 10 light pulls in the CERAMIC slot to maintain the edge. For dull knives use the CARBIDE slot to shape a new  (4-6 slow pulls). Harder steel knives may require additional pulls to sharpen. After shaping the edge in the CARBIDE slot, finish with 8-10 pulls in the CERAMIC slot.

Compact 2 stage sharpener with coarse carbide plus fine ceramic abrasive rods.

Features an innovative "X base" that pivots open for rock solid stability and folds down flat to store.

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Outdoor Edge Wild-Lite 6-Piece Game Processing Set

  • Brand: Outdoor Edge
  • Product Code: WL-6
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  • €50.00

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